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Re: California emissions.

Don H writes:
> I have not seen the stickers on Audis,  But I do have a sticker on
> My 1995 htuomylP Voyager.  It has a paragraph that states that it meets
> emissions requirements for California ***"only if offered for sale in
> the state of California"***.  Does this mean that it physically does not
> meet the requirements for CA or is this, as others have alluded, a
> tax scam?  Would this apply to any car with 50 state emissions?  Any Audi?
... what a crack-up! ... :-)

This is the ultimate irony.  I knew that there was often little difference 
in equipment between the CA cars and the 49 states cars [or should this be 
47 now?].  The manufacturer warrants the emissions systems for CA cars for
either 50K or 100K miles (depends on year), so they don't often list the 
cars that are sold out of state as meeting CA emissions ... it sounds like 
the Penta-star boys have come up with the perfect solution!  I wonder how 
the state's tax^H^H^Heco cops are going to handle this one.  I'll bet that 
anyone attempting to register such a vehicle will have to pay the $300 fee 
in any case until it has been verified that the car was originally sold in 

... now what about one of the cars that was originally sold in CA and taken 
back as a Penta-lemon ... then resold out of state.  Would it qualify for CA 

The more you know, the more you gotta wonder ... :-(

BTW, it appears that Audi did sell cars in other states that had the correct
sticker to miss the smog impact tax.  

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)