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Re: California emissions.

What is meant by the message is that all Chrysler vehicles if sold in 
Mass., NY, and CA are equipped with "California Emissions."  These 
"improved smog fighters" are more expensive than domestic nameplate's 
regular emissions and thus carry a surcharge in most cases.  Some 
manufacturers are producing cars that meet these low emissions starndards 
and equip all cars, regardless of where they are sold, with them.  Most 
luxury brands of domestic manufacturers and most, if not all, imported cars.

This is what I was told at a Chrysler training seminar.


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On Mon, 10 Feb 1997, Don Hoefer wrote:

> I have not seen the stickers on Audis,  But I do have a sticker on
> My 1995 htuomylP Voyager.  It has a paragraph that states that it meets
> emissions requirements for California ***"only if offered for sale in
> the state of California"***.  Does this mean that it physically does not
> meet the requirements for CA or is this, as others have alluded, a
> tax scam?  Would this apply to any car with 50 state emissions?  Any Audi?
> Don Hoefer