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re: oil pressure warning light question - solved

I now know what the problem was with my 5000 - sort of.  Late yesterday I 
decided to change the oil even thought it was within my normal change interval.

I changed the oil and then took the car out for a run - no warning lights.

When I got back I was cleaning up and chanced to glance at the filter as I was
tossing it.  It was plugged with something thick and fibrous - I haven't yet
cut it apart to see if the filer had come apart - which I hope is the case,
since the plug had to come from somewhere and if not from the filter, then 
there had to be something in the engine itself that plugged the filter.

The filter was a Fram and based on other things I've been reading on the
list - I suspect that I'm about done using that brand.

Jim Austin