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RE:what Q should I get?

In a note dated 2/7/97 Steve Valin asks:

>>I'm trying to figure out which quattro sedan I should get.  4000Q's are
pretty reasonable.  80Q's are almost twice the price of a 4KQ.  Is this
Having owned both (3 4kq's and 1 88 80q) I would say absolutly not! Of the 5
quattros I have owned, the 80/90 series car was the most disapointing.
Further, my ex-dealer mechanic buddy once told me that service problems went
way up with the 80/90 series in comparison to the 4kq. I suppose it really
depends on personal preference. The 80/90 cars have much more body roll-not
in a good way either, the torsen's lack of decision making ability (at the
limit and beyond) makes this worse not better. The 80/90 cars feel heavier
and more ponderous-though they really aren't much different weight-wise. On
the pro side, they (80/90) do make more power (130 compared to 115) from a
slightly larger displacement (2.3 compared to 2.2), but have very heavy
flywheel mass which detracts from that sporty feel of a 4kq. They do have ABS
which is a plus to some people (though I haven't missed it in a 4kq at all,
ever!). They do have a higher level of trim and luxury goodies. They should
have the same run forever traights as all q's seem to share. Many of what I
present as cons can be tuned out with aftermarket toys, and don't apply to
the 20V versions from the early 90's (but then you are talking serious $$$).
IMHO there are two models of older q's worthy of serious considoration for an
enjoyable sports sedan-the 4kq or the 5ktq. If are able to spend more money
than required for a used 4kq, then go with the 5ktq which (especialy when
tweeked) may be the best all around perfomance/value used car on the market
today-bar none...far more car than ANY 80/90 series is including the 20V
(nomex donned quickly!!!).

>>I like the idea of galvanized bodies, since I live on the coast. I also
like the more modern appearance of the 80/90.<<
I (foolishly) let the galvanised body steer me towards a car once-a 1977
911S...thinking that it was the newest 911 I could afford at the time and it
had that last forever galvanised body. Had I been more P-car aware then, I
would have known to stay away...CA smog, thermal reactors, and asscociated
re-building costs were a harsh lesson. I too live on the coast (Santa Cruz,
CA.) and have no rust problems with my 85 4kq and am not aware of any that
have been taken care of that do (and I have seen a lot of used q's around
these parts, and have owned 5 + a Coupe GT). All quattros were very well
built cars back then (still are I assume). Personaly, I did like the rounder
design of the 80/90 series more when it first came out...now I am more
partial to the 4kq and ur-q looks, I love the big cars (5k/200 tq), and I
like the A4...oh alright, I love all quattros, but the 80/90 series is my
least favorite (not to say I wouldn't own another one so don't get me wrong).

In your pros and cons, you meantion mileage. I have never seen better than
high 20's from any of my 4kq's. I did a cross-country road trip (Santa Cruz
to upstate NY and a meander back) in the 80q...the trip computer said (if you
can believe it...it seemed realistic based on manual calculations part of the
trip) average speed was 62, average milage was 31.5. This was going 80-85 on
all highways the entire trip (average speed includes around town, idling,

>>I haven't even mentioned the turbo models.  I know these are great cars too
but they seem to have more problems.  Still probably worth considering.<<
More than probably. The "problems" of which you hear, are not turbo related
and you will experience them in the 80/90 series too. Audi turbo motors are
very probably (with proper maintenance and idle down, etc.) the most
bullet-proof turbo sports-car motors made ever by anyone...many listers have
very high miles on their turbo cars with mods and no "problems" like you
infer you fear.

I know that I have not narrowed down your choices much, and there is still an
enormous amount of personal preference that makes your final decision...but
buy some kind of q in good condition with verifiable records and you won't be
disapointed! HTH

Mike Veglia
85 4ksq (yup...the old boxy looking kind)