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Re: Leak to Right Rear Floor in '87 Coupe GT

You're not to mention this firewall hole due to a stereo installation. 
Did the leak develop immediately after the install or years later? In 
my car, the leak is new, the stereo is old.


Gary G. Erickson wrote:
> Robert E. Calem wrote:
> > Thanks for the reply. It's a possibility, except the front carpet isn't
> > wet. Wouldn't it be? Also, I don't park the car on an incline. Any other
> > thoughts?
> I've been through this one before, and no, no incline required (see
> below).  In my case it was due to a hole having been drilled from the
> upper tray area behind the firewall into the passenger compartment in
> order to pass a stereo amplifier power line through.
> What happens is that the water will come in and run down to the floor.
> Then it's picked up by the felt-like stuff under the carpet and is
> wicked to the back of the car.  The back seat footwells turn into small
> ponds, and the front footwells feel perfectly dry.  I fought with it all
> last winter and just happened to think about it last spring.  I shot
> some silicone aquarium sealant in/around the wire and so far this winter
> my passenger back seat has been dry.
> Now, if I could just find where it's coming in on the driver's side.  I
> certainly hope it's not coming through the fuse box!
> HTH!
> Gary
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