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Re: P.O.S....

>First, the idiot - no, it must have been a committee, no one person 
>could design something so complex and absurd -  who designed the 
>tension adjustments on the alternator and air conditioner.  There is 
>no excuse for the difficulty in this.  It took me more than an hour 
>just to get the damn belts loose!  Lord knows whether I will ever get 
>them back on.  I had to cut the AC belt off, as the one on there was 
>so short that the compressor was already bottomed on the oil 
>pan...and the toothed adjuster was thoroughly savaged.

Mine has the same alternator belt length problem.  I find that getting a
belt a bit longer helps.  Take the Gates green stripe part number and add 5
to it.  That gets you a bit longer belt which still doesn't slip on, but is
much easier.

>Now I can look forward to spending more time finding the CLUNK which 
>has plagued the front end of this car for the last six months.  I'm 
>armed with control arm bushings to have the shop install, as nothing 
>else has done it.

Strut tower bearings.

 - Mitch