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Re: '85 Ur-Q a/c delete option...

In message <01IF992F9QAA9FOW6Y@delphi.com> audidudi@delphi.com (Jeffrey
J. Goggin) writes:

> So, looking ahead to the Nationals this fall, I'm wondering if removing
> a/c will be legal on this car ... I have heard rumors there was an "a/c
> delete" option for the Ur-Q but no one has yet been able to provide me
> any documentation to verify this.

To wit, Phil Payne replied:

"....seems that the general UK default was no a/c.
 Is this relevant to US regulations?"

Unfortunately, BZZZTT! The answer is no. I assume Jeffrey, that you are
running the ur-Q in G/stock? Stock rules say that comfort and convienence
(C&C) options must have been available from a *US* dealer's option list.
If A/C was offered as a option, ie ur-Qs could have been ordered w/o A/C,
then you're legal to remove it.

"Accessories ...appearance, comfort and convienence modifications, which
have no effect on performance and handling, and do not materially reduce
the weight of the car, are permitted..."

But the former criteria for available options in the _US_ applys.

However, in Street/Prepared you are allowed to toss the A/C!


'88 80q