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RE: Tougher licensing = Safety Fast?

-- [ From: Huw Powell * EMC.Ver #3.1a ] --

>Here is the question: why should somebody have a say in how fast am I to go
 (except my parents of course)?

Just a note from Big Brother...

"we" all have a say in it because they are "our" roads.  Just because I'm
the only car on Route 4 at 4 AM doesn't make it my private autobahn. 
Operating a motor vehicle is far from the issue of unimpeded freedom to
action in terms of political science/philosophy.  It is a highly interactive
, interdependent, cooperative venture.  Of course almost nobody acts that
way on the road... the only place they "feel" free.

My favorite snow conditions maneuver: "reverse passing".  Let 'em by.  Who
cares about speed (35 vs 40 vs 45 mph) I want to get there, without some
idiot rear ending me.

My dad's old trick (he of the eggshell accelerator pedal) - Let 'em by.  I
still do it when I'm tired or lost.  Holding people up?  pull over for a
moment and they won't mind.  

Of course what's funny is when someone is dogging your butt, you're already
going 10-15 mph over the limit, so you don't want to risk a ticket to give
them space, and then you pull over a bit, signalling right, to let them take
the lead (and the ticket) and either 1. they don't get it and stay behind
you or 2. they are now in front and DRIVE SLOWER!   Usually it just gets rid
of them, though.

Re: various grades of license... I absolutely agree in concept, but the
reality would tend to be the other way - limited licenses for young drivers
and "challenged" drivers - ie poeple with bad records or poor vision,
reaction time, etc.  Licenses for high speed driving would be nice, but I
think the best we can get is rolling back the federal speed limit to reduce
interstate driving times.  Get your kicks off the public roads like the
racers say.  I'm still trying to learn that one.

Huw Powell
HUMAN Speakers

In China, where the government is lazy, corrupt, and stupid, there is a
degree of individual liberty which has been wholly lost in the rest of the

Bertrand Russell