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Re: Tougher licensing = Safety Fast?

> It's time we (the Q guys and gals) get off our high horse and realize that
> we should not be so elitist (snobs).
> Avi Meron

  Are you implying that we(those of us listers who "think" that we are
better drivers) should group ourselves in with all the elderly, all the
mini-van moms, and all the in-experienced 16 yr. olds(usually driving
GT's and I.R.O.C.'s way too fast for their ability).  I think not!  Most
of us ARE better drivers(period).  Now DO NOT e-mail me back about the
above stereotypes - I KNOW there are many exceptions and I do NOT think
I am the best driver outside of Hans. BUT we as a group of drivers are
probably some of the best on the road and the above mentioned groups,
among others, are probably not. <Note: All of my comments are obviously
generalizations.> Let me ask you this: if you were a hostage and needed
to be rescued, would you prefer an elite group of Marines or a group of
moms and elderly people? Are you better at what you do for a living than
others?  Then you can call yourself "better," correct? So too are we
better and thus can remain on our high-horse!
  I am not stating that no one else can use the roads because they can't
drive as well as we Audi drivers, or that Audi drivers are the best in
the world. But I am stating that since we perform proper driving
techniques and are more qualified to handle situations that others would
flub, we should feel free to desire that others are required to become
more competent and aware drivers by whatever means neccessary. We also
should feel free to critize poor driving habits.
  Most people never drive fast or out of control and thus have great
records, but those people are usually also unaware of their surroundings
and exhibit bad habits. How often do you come upon a slower car and find
that the driver NEVER scans his/her mirrors! Is that not one of the most
frustating instances of poor driving technique? He/she probably has a
good driving record, though. I think we "aggressive drivers" just want
others to be more aware and respectful of faster drivers. I know I am
cetainly aware and respectful of slower drivers, so when they don't keep
their eyes open and fail to pull over, I feel as if the golden rule has
been broken. I probably sound immature and less-traveled than you, but
that's O.K. I feel as frustrated as the listers and would like to see a
change of some kind.
			That's All Folks,

p.s. Sorry about my 36 cents. Remember: All of my comments are obviously
generalizations. I do not think I am a better PERSON than anyone!