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spark plug wires 5000cst

I'm sure this is an old subject but can't find the answer. After buying 
my '86 5000cst last fall, I took it to an audi mechanic in the area to 
get a few things repaired that needed immediate attention and do a "to do 
list". Had him fix things like steering rack and motor and tranny 
bushings and cv joint boots. I did the things I felt I could handle.
He told me that it needed plug wires and he couldn't see how it ran so 
well with the "non-audi" wires in it. 
Sooooo, ordered full tune up kit (wires, plugs, cap and rotor) from 
received  09500 ign wire set with/ loom
          03239 bosch dist cap
          04184 rotor ign bosch
          w7dtc plugs super

installed it all took out the bosch platnums wr7dp and 7mm sae j 557 hts 
copper wire with pvl 401160 5k ohm covers wires.
ran worse. stumble at 3500 to 4500 rpm. cleaned up platnums and 
reinstalled. it was better but still stumbles.
What next. Need to go to audi?
rod michaelson
walnut creek, ca