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Re: Audi Remote Lock Problem - POLL RESULTS

On Feb 11, 11:40am, Mark Quinn/HNS wrote:

>  11 respondees have '97 model year A4's
>   8 of these have had 'the problem'
>   3 of these do not have 'the problem'
>   6  have '96 A4's, none of which have the problem!


I've replied to this a number of times, and my A4 is a '96.
Perhaps my problem is different from yours, perhaps not.  Currently,
my remote locks (dealer installed, *not* the factory Audi
system) are quite intermittent.  If it's a cold morning and the
car's been sitting out all night, it's a good bet that the car will
NOT unlock using the remote.  The alarm will disarm, indicating
that the fob and receiver are both working, but nothing happens
with the locks.  The key works, and after using the key,
everything will be fine for a while.

So, is this a different problem?  When your fob seems not to unlock
the car, if you look inside at the flashing alarm light, is the
alarm disabled?  Or does it really seem as if the fob or receiver
is dead?

Dan Masi
'96 A4Q