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re:'91 Audi Coupe Fuel Filter

Chris Gharibo said:

>Under normal circumstances, how long does the fuel filter in this car last
>before giving symptoms and how often (miles) do list members change the
>fuel filter?

Change the fuel filter???  Whoops!  I knew that I forgot to do something
the last 54k miles...That may explain why my CQ starts more easily, when 
I "prime" it by turning the ignition key to just before the point where
the starter will engage, let fuel pressure build up, then engage the 
starter.  In this case, the engine starts on the first turn over.

Otherwise, if I turn the key immmediately to the start position, the 
engine turns over repeatedly until it catches...

I'll add the fuel filter to my list of things to do:
Transmission fluid and rear diff fluid change.
new bomb
new speakers
replace leaking valve cover gasket (3rd time!!@#@#$@#%@)

Peter Schulz
1990 Coupe Q (103k mi)