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Re: Radar Detector Installation

On Feb 11,  1:21pm, Mark Blum wrote:
> Subject: Radar Detector Installation
> Hi All:
> I would like to hard-wire my Bel 745 radar detector on my A4.  I
> seem to  recall someone posting instructions for wiring into the
> sunroof control a  few months back, but I can't find anything in
> archives (have you ever tried to find anything in the archives?).

I wrote something quite a while back about it, but I wired into
the fuse panel.  You'd be much better off wiring into the sunroof/
dome light area, though... I only wired to the fuse box because I
already had the a-pillar off and was wiring my cell phone in at
the same time.

Somebody on the list did wire into the sunroof area, I forget

To get access: remove the screw holding the mini sun shade in
place (above the rearview mirror).  Remove the lens that covers
the dome lights (it snaps out); this exposes two screws.  Remove
these two screws, and the light/sunroof control unit drops
straight out.

I don't know anything about the wiring here, so you'll either
need to play or get someone to tell you which wire is a +12V.

> The detector has a straight cord with a jack on the end for
> plugging into the cigarette adaptor.  Can I just cut off the jack
> and wire one lead to an ignition-dependent fuse and the other to a
> ground?

Yes.  Just make sure you know which is which!

> Any particular special grounding issues I need to know
> about?

Nah.  BTW, seems that on Audis, most ground wires are solid brown.

Dan Masi
'96 A4Q