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Re: Audi Remote Lock Pecularity

ScharfR writes:

>there is a peculiarity unique to the '97 Audi remote locking
>operation which can mislead people into thinking that there is a problem
>when, in fact, it may be "operator unfamiliarity."   (snip)
>The new-for-'97 RF remote locking system requires a "long push" (more than
>one second) on the remote lock buttons to effect operation. (snip)
>Is it possible that some of the "no operation" problems could be a result 
>of unfamiliarity with this somewhat unnatural operational requirement?
I don't think so.  The natural inclination when this problem happens 
is to press the button again and again for longer and longer times 
(at least that's what I do) until you finally give up and use the key.  I 
would think that too many folks are having this problem - with the 
same reported symptoms - for it just to be not holding the button 
long enough.