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RE: Considering sale of V8--More info

I'd suggest listing it nationally on the Web (or otherwise). The NC
market for quattros is supposedly *very* soft.

There was one in the local paper up here (Seattle P-I) the other day for
around $16K. Somewhere around 60K miles, I seem to remember.
- peter

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> Sent:	Tuesday, February 11, 1997 3:26 PM
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> Subject:	Considering sale of V8--More info
> Hello,
> I have a 1990 V8 (AT) with 56,000 miles in excellent condition.
> There are no local mechanics who are competent at servicing this car
> and I
> am considering selling it.
> I have heard resale prices that are all over the map for this car and
> am
> wondering what is a reasonable range.
> Any suggestions on how to sell it and get a fair value--I know that
> trade-ins usualy are a poor deal for the seller and with this rare car
> might be even worse.
>  All scheduled maintainance has been completed and records are
> available.
> The 60,000 mile service has been completed.   The timing belts were
> replaced at 30,000 miles when the head gasket was replaced under
> warranty.
> The brakes were converted to non-UFO at no cost to me by my local Audi
> dealership at 13000 miles.( Said dealership was sold 18 months ago and
> Audi
> service went way downhill).
> I just replaced the rotors 6 months ago--they were worn below spec--it
> is
> very hilly around here !
> Thanks.
> Keith Olbrantz
> Asheville, NC
> 1990 V8
> 1995 Volvo855T
> 3 custom and one Ti bikes