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Re: Stupid Human Tricks

On Mon, 10 Feb 1997, Jim & Bev wrote:

> main traffic flow, dots are stop before proceding)  I noticed out of the corner of 
> my eye that car that was supposed to stop before entering main traffic flow, was 
Dear Jim;
	The key to your survival and that of all of us on the road lies 
in this phrase.  The Audi, ABS included, is IMHO a marvel of engineering 
but orders of magnitude poorer in design that the human sensors, feedback 
loops and effectors which run the Audi.  Without these the best car 
design in the Universe is no protection.  Do all drivers use `the corner 
or the eye' not to mention those in the back of the head, as I was taught 
to do by my mother's nagging?  I think not, but you did/do and will 
survive those who don't.
Berthann Mulieri, Ph.D, M.A.
1988 5kcstq; 125k and counting