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Re: Considering sale of V8


Here's my experience in marketing my '90 V8 recently.  The car is in 
very good shape and of average mileage for this model year.  When I 
offered it as a trade-in I expected to get about the NADA trade-in 
value, but the closest the dealer would get was $10,300, almost $3K less 
than book.  Average book retail was over $15K.  They claimed the reason 
for the low bid was poor turnover of these special cars on the lot, 
which is probably true.  

I now have the car advertised in the Denver Post and Colorado Springs 
Gazette-Telegraph for $14,800.  I got no calls for over a week, then 
four calls on it just today.  The first people to look at it today are 
going to see one other (a '94) presently on the market, then make a 
decision.  The wife really liked the color, so I'm optimistic.

Prices do vary tremendously, but I'm convinced that the good ones will 
attract a good price, and the beaters will go cheap.  You get what you 
pay for.  I think patience is important in selling a V8, but once 
somebody gets to drive one they are very impressed.

	-John Wilkes