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RE: A4QT Lease

At $26000 + you are looking at a stripped A4 1.8tq (ar is 22,900, 1600 
for q, about 500 for transportation, and 975 for automatic.

No sport package, no heated seats, no sunroof, etc.

Schaumburg Audi is advertising a $459 per month lease on an A4q with 
automatic, cold weather package, sunroof, remote entry system, sport 
steering wheel.  

36 month lease, no $$$ down, 30,000 miles over the 36 month.  Can buy at 
end of lease for $17,804.  

Got another quote from a different Audi dealer on a '97 2.8 FWD with 
stick.  MSRP is $32,615.

Lease allows for 15000 miles per year.  No cap cost reduction , $550 
security deposit.  Leaseds at 48 months for $520 for 48 months for $472.

FYI and all of that.

Bill Murin