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RE: QCUSA: It is useful?

I am a member and have been for almost a year.  I find the newsletter 
interesting, but not wonderful.  I think that the discount on parts that a 
local dealer gives (Criswell  15% off parts) to members may come in handy, 
but then again, I may pay out the savings in renewal costs for the mebership.  
I would LIKE to participate in a drving seminar, but nothing is really close 
to Washington DC.  A lot of people gripe on it (where is the money going, 
etc); I don't think it is AWFUL, but Porsche Club.... & Roundel (is this the 
right name) seem to be a bigger, more prestigeous organizations, and QCUSA 
doesn't seem to be striving to be those, or better.  Just my $.02
Jon Linkov 
'96 A4q

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How many of you are QCUSA members and what do you think of the organization?

Thanks for your input.

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