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Re: Lord of the Rings

gregsj@mail.imm.com writes:

>Fellow Audians; I recently came upon a european car (1/97) item @ the 
>bottom of p. 153 that should be of interest to the Q-list. Creative 
>Showcase is marketing an Audi poster entitled "Lord of the Rings" by 
>famed automotive artist Dennis Brown. It's a limited edition item 
>(300) that features Audi's ten most significant race cars from the 
>1980s to date....

This is a very nice print ( a bit small for the price ).  I got mine last
month and got the framed one.  For those of you in QCUSA there was a color
flyer with the quarterly.  There is also a limited edition print in the

BTW: My boss got a black A8 - decided that he didn't need a 7 series and a
Land Cruiser he needed a quattro.

Robert Bauer
86 4KCSq
Minneapolis, MN