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Re: Driving Fun

At 01:49 PM 2/12/97 +1000, Andrew Fletcher wrote:
>I have had many near misses where cars have pulled out of a side street
>in front of me etc. I have never had ABS and have no desire for it either.
>Often my passenger would ask "How did you know the other lane was
>clear?" and I reply " because I have been aware of every car around me
>since I drove out my driveway. When the idiot pulled out I knew the xxxx
>was 20 metres behind in the other lane.".

I attribute my anticipatory skills to several years of riding motorcycles -
especially around Tucson snowbirds. Being prepared for the unusual is de
riguer for bikers. My wife continues to be amazed by my foreknowledge of
what the other fool will/will not do (other inserted as intended!).

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