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Re: Leak to Right Rear Floor

>> Speaking of leaks and shabby door seals...has anyone replaced these seals
>> who could offer any insight, particularly on the 4KQ?
>> Did it eliminate leaking?
>> How simple or difficult is the replacement?
>> What do these seals cost and where to buy them?
>> Are they available aftermarket ala Blaufergnugen?
>> Deterioration of these seals seems to be common on the 4K.
>> DC
>I had very good luck going to a local auto upholstery (sp) shop here in 
>chi-town. I just took one of the bad seals in with me and they found a 
>reel of very, very close seal, so I bought it. I never guessed at the 
>price of the oem seals, my stress level is already too high... but the 
>material I got cost me a buck a foot. How could I go wrong?
>Todd Candey                         The Composite Garage
>271A Greenboro Ct.                       81 4k 5+5    
>Elk Grove Village, IL                        85 4ksq
>60007               USA                          89 90q

Man.  I just keep running into you!  Like I told you before, my car is in
pristine condition, minus the drivers side door seal on the lowest edge.
How do you remove these?  Do they slide out?  Thanks.