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Audi or Taurus Wagon

Okay, here goes.  Please try to be logical when you attack me.

I need a station wagon.  I don't want a mini-van, (bad milage, and they
don't seem so safe), and we have too much stuff to carry around in a car.
It has to be automatic, (my wife drives our 4000s manual now, but prefers
not to have to shift while she cares for a baby).  It also has to be fairly
big, safe, and it must get at least 20 mpg on the expressway.  I don't want
to spend more than $5500.  I'd prefer a drivers side airbag.  I don't want
to spend a lot of money rebuilding automatic transmissions.  I don't mind
the occasional brake accumulator or window switch.  I want it to be fairly
reliable for two years and then I would like to get at least $2500 for it.
What would you go for?  Here are the choices that I see:

'89 100 wagon - great car, no drivers airbag, scary auto transmission
rebuilds looming, hard to find a nice one.

'88 5000 wagon - same as above

92-94 Taurus wagon  - I hear the head gaskets are made from used toilet
tissue, and various other torture

'86 - '88 Volvo 740 wagon - trans is made by Mitsubishi - is reportedly
okay.  Car is harsh riding, slow and I have some kind of unexplained
distaste for it.

I don't feel the Camry is very safe.  Should I consider an Olds?  I don't
have much experience with anything but European cars.