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UK Audi dealer?

In message <32FF5798.59E2B600@fmrco.com> John Legelis writes:

> I subscribe to the Quattro digest and was wondering if you could furnish
> contact information for a reputable UK Audi dealer that would be able to
> export some parts to the US?  I'm trying to locate some high-wattage
> H7-type bulbs for the high-beams in my A4Q (due to US regulations 55
> watts is the highest wattage available in US spec cars), but have not
> had any luck with aftermarket suppliers since apparently the H7 is a
> relatively new and rare bulb.  Do you know any UK dealers I could
> contact?

Bad news, John (and the other hopefuls).  The biggest (in fact the _ONLY_) H7s 
available here are 55w.
In fact, the wholesaler I use (Central Auto Parts in Wellingborough - they 
supply all the local garages) was amazed to even find an H7 listed.  He'd never 
heard of such a thing.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club