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Coupe needs some work -- opinions please!

Hi all,
My 1990 20V coupe Q is in need of a couple of repairs and I was
wondering which is the most pressing...
Specifically, I've been told that it needs
1) a link arm replaced (front passenger?)
2) the upper strut bearings redone

Which is more important for safety? Each one is gonna cost around
$325 so I'll get one thing done this month, one the next...

Also, here's a few other misc. bugs that I've been trying to work out of   
system, without much luck...

The speedo cuts out intermittantly, taking with it the cruise and   
It seems to be worse in the colder weather and seems to cut in/out if I   
a good sized bump. I've been told that the HAL(?) generator might be a   
Is there any way to check this unit out?

The outside temperature on the climate control reads high most of the   
time, however
last week it suddenly jumped to reading super low (ie outside temp being   
 -47 degrees!! C)
and started blasting extra heat out the vents. For the rest of the day it   
was screwed, but
the next day and ever since, its been fine... A ghost in the system?!   

I'd really appriciate it if any of you kind people out there could give   
me some direction on these
issues. I'm not currently on the list  ( I couldn't keep up with the   
traffic) so it'd be great if any replies
were sent to me directly ( iroberts@rim.net )

Thanks  in advance
Ian Robertson