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Re: '97 A4TQ + Motorola cell phone?

On Feb 12, 11:59pm, e6941tb@gnn.com wrote:

> I recall a recent thread discussing the fact that the '97 A4TQ
> prewired for a standard Motorola cell phone.
> Could any of the A4 owners possibly tell me if this pre-wiring is:
> a) only a 12v power supply cord or
> b) it is a full hands-free setting with a speaker and a mike

It depends on what you mean.  It's completely prewired for a Motorola
trunk-mounted unit, but if (like me) you just want to mount your
portable at the center console, you'll need to do a bit of
wiring.   Here's what is there (this is for the '96, I'm assuming
that nothing has changed):
- In the trunk, a DB-25 connector for the Motorola transceiver.
  This connector is wired to power, has the microphone wired to
  it, and is wired to the RJ-11 connector at the center console.
- Microphone is installed in the A-pillar.  This is not a mic that
  will work with any phone, it's specifically for the Motorola
  (the mic has electronics in with it, I assume it's a preamp).  The
  mic/preamp is wired back to the trunk connector.
- RJ-11 jack in the center console, for the handset; wired back to
  the trunk connector.

Note that there is no antenna wiring.

Dan Masi
'96 A4Q