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RE: Love Bug Alert (travel advisory)

Fontana. I was thinking about my daughter and I going down there for the
Cup race. No restricter plates there. I guess when Bill Elliot turned a
lap of 212mph at talladega, which was
faster then the Indy, gosh I mean CART cars of that time someone must
have decided it was time put on the brakes. Also, it is pretty
embarrassing that the Busch cars are indeed running faster then Winston
Cup. Take heart! The Touring series is going to really pick up steam
here in the U.S. giving us real fender to fender racing. I just want to
see Audi and VW in it. Last
year BMW was the only european model that I saw at Laguna Seca.
 Thanks to all for clearing up my confusion about Bobby Unser's spin in
a quattro on an oval.

Anton J. Gaidos, III
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Motorola Computer Group
"The fortunate man knows how much he can safely leave to chance"

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><snip>The Daytona 500 will be pretty boring though.(...)Today? 189mph and
>lots of multicar pile ups.<snip>
>No doubt, a look at all the exciting passing in the Busch Clash pretty much
>says it all about the new rules...and how come the Busch GN division pole
>sitter is faster than the Winston Cup pole sitter???!!! Geez, the day Indy
>Lights are quicker than Indy, 'er CART, cars is the day I might not be quite
>as much of a race fan-and I was trying to get excited about Winston Cup, what
>with our new oval in Fontana and all :-(.
><snip>I heard that Bobby Unser once turned some pretty hot laps in a Sport
>Quattro (not the Pike's Peak car) on one of our superspeed ways. Anyone know
>the numbers or what track?<snip>
>Don't recall the Sport q numbers. I do recall (a fuzzy recolection) a 200q at
>Talladega turning something like 217. Slaab just did some pretty impressive
>speed runs that were written about in a recent EC too. Guess it's time for a
>tuned A8!!! I know, I know...not gonna happen, but it is nice to dream.
>Mike Veglia
>85 4ksq (headin' to watch CART testing this weekend-yipeee!!!)