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Re: Please Explain Audi Nomenclature

On Thu, 13 Feb 1997, Tom Lazay wrote:
THe following answers pertain to USA vehicles

> -UR as in UrQ.

The original Audi quattro.  AKA QTC (Quattro Turbo Coupe).

> -VDO.

The company that makes the instrumentation for your beloved Audi.  
Not sure if VDO stands for anything. THe full company name is 
VDO-Yazaki.  None of my catalogs say anything more.  ANyone else know?

> -TDI (I saw one in Paris I think)

Turbo Diesal Injection.  None of these in the US.

> -What is the difference between a 100 and a 200.

In 1989 the 5000 line turned into a 100/200 line. THe 200's were
turbo I5's(20v in 1991).  The most notable external difference ar the
headlights and taillights.  Notable difference between 5k and 100/200 is
the redesign of the interior.  For the 1992 model year the body was
redone, the engine was replaced with a V6(except for S4 20v I5) and a
bunch of other changes were made.  THey called this version the 100.  In
1995 the 100's were called the A6 and the S4 the S6.

> -Can you get an S6 (New) in the US now? I didn't see it mentioned in the 96
> or 97 brochures.

Nope, sucks huh....  1995 was the last year for the S6's.

> -What ever happend to the 80 series?

The nomenclature died when the V6 90 came out in '92.  THe 90 died
altogethr when the A4 arrived in '96. 

> Is this evolution correct?...
> 4000 -> 90 -> A4

4000 -> 80/90, and Coupe Q in '90 & '91 -> 90,(cabriolet)/ -> A4
> 5000 -> 100/200 -> S6/A6
5000 -> 100/200 -> 100/S4 -> A6/S6

> V8 -> A8



Brendan Rudack

Fenton, Michigan 

1988 90Q G60's, 2.5 cat back, coil-overs, other junk...
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