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NATCC rumor hitting the windshield...

From: Kai Man Chow <kmchow@sfu.ca>
Subject: {TCar} NATCC-YEAH 2!!

Okay, okay.  I guess nothing is absolute until the "fat lady sings", err,
or more politically correct "until the touring cars tour".  Supposedly, On
Track Magazine, in their annual "yearly motorsport Outlook" mentioned that
the NATCC has 16 entries with some of them being: 1 Peugeot 405 and 2
Mazda Xedos Supposedly, they expect 4 more teams being: 1 Audi, 1 Alfa
Romeo and 2 VOLVOS to race "by mid-season".  They also expect the
competition to become much more close as the teams and car increase in
competitiveness.  They did not issue a full list of teams yet.  Still
waiting for that.