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4kq headlight boost info.


Well, not quite info. The pics of my driving-light setup have been
taken and edited, and will be on a web page by Wednesday. The better half is
care of that while I'm on my journey . . . on Thursday, send e-mail to
kmarriott@pcnf.com regarding the address of said page. No text,
other than the image title, will be available until ~2/26. Sorry :-(

James Marriott (603)483-8587 Auburn, NH
'64 Falcon Sprint Convertible, B&B 260 V-8 and CR 4-spd.
    GOES great. Stopping?!? 217k
'86 4000S wife's commuter (heated seats), 32 mpg, 100k ++ ?
'87 4000CSQ H-stock und daily driver, Hakkas & :-) , 141k