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re: Audi A4 Questions :Projector or Gas Discharge Headlights

	I spotted a headlight picture from the VW Germany homepage in the new
Passat section. This car shares alot of parts with the A4 and new A6. If
the headlingt assembly is the same it should be a simple swap. I know it's
an option on the new VW P. If they are the same piece, and I am not sure,
then you could feasibly order the parts from Germany. I have been
successful at getting european spec parts from Ron's Parts (RPI) a VW tuner
from BC Canada. They've ordered stuff for me before, but you may need to
get several people who'll buy the stuff, thus they can order in numbers. I
don't know RPI's phone number, but they are a regular advertiser in
European Car Magazine.