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Re: Headlight protection

In a message dated 97-02-14 02:16:32 EST, phwomp@cosmoslink.net (Meron)

<< >I had the new (last year) 3M protective film attached to
 >both headlights. 
 Does anybody know where I can get some of the 3M protective film? 
 last time I purchased it from AVS for the SPENDY amount of $50 for two
 sheets of 8x16'', 
 any cheaper source?
 Avi Meron


My original post from Nov. 26 follows:

For those of you concerned/experienced with those aggravating stone
chips/holes in your glass headlight lenses (aren't we all) and frustrated
with those snap-on headlight guards (which don't work for my V8 with
headlight wipers anyway), I found something interesting in the Griot's Garage
(Tacoma, WA )catalog --no afilliation.

They have (among their neat tools and car care products) a product called Head
light Protection Shield, which is an adhesive-backed clear vinyl that you
trim to fit your headlight. They say it is 40 mils thick, optically clear
(designed not to yellow), and can withstand a pellet rifle shot from 20 feet
with absolutely no damage to the lens. Not designed for polycarbonate lenses.

Stock No.  Size:     Price:
10227     10" x 16" $22.95
10228     20" x 16"   44.95
10229     10" x 16"   16.95 (20 mils thick for Fog lights and turn signals)