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83 QTC suspension

Hi Guys,
Well, I'm the thick of things redoing my suspension on the Q.
I'm doing Boge shocks, and Eibach springs.

Couple of questions I couldn't find in the Archive:

1) Are the front and rear shocks on this car the same?  R.E.Enterprises sent 
me a shocks, but the ones for the front are to small.  The ones sent for the 
backs look to be a perfect match in the front strut assemblies.  I don't 
have the back apart yet, but measuring sizes on the car looks to be the 

2) Any tricks getting the outer CV joint off.  I've done VW and 4000Q ones 
before with very little problem, but this bugger is on there.  I assume you 
smack it with a mallet like the others.  I however have not remove the 
driveshaft, for they are using a larger 12 point torques alan for this car. 
 Any idea what size that is?  Manual as usual is not much help with part 
numbers or tool sizes.  THANKS!

BTW, I'm not presently on the list, so please reply directly.   ---JCG