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RE: UrQ dump valves / lighting.

>Am I correcting in assuming that UrQ intercoolers which are
>all aluminum are not adaptable to the third inlet needed for a
>proper dump valve installation? TAP sells the dump valves
>but I don't like the fact they dump into the atmosphere. Any

Hi Andrew,

	TAP has the Samco blue silicon hose with dump valve port for the atmos.
dump valve you mentioned. If you don't have a third opening in your intercooler
you can get this hose and a proper blow-off valve, like the one Igor mentioned
in Nov., insert "in" end of blow-off valve into Samco "big blue" port and modify
the intake tube to accept the output of the blow-off valve. No "new" holes in
IC and you catch the pressure pulse before it even gets to the IC...Just a
thought. I got the Samco hose and Ivor's dump valve last Fall, but the weather
turned before I could install it. This was good because I learned that the dump
to atmos. valve is not the "hot set-up" for these cars. If you go this route
make sure you tell Ivor what model car you want the Samco hose for; the first
one he sent me was not going to work in my '87 5kCSQ. The dump port was too
close to the IC outlet and partially covered by it. It may have worked for an
UrQ, but not a 5k or early 200. He had the lads in the UK make me one with the
port up by the bellows part of the hose...it SHOULD be no problem this
time...knock on wood... 



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