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Re: Radar jamming

In a message dated 97-02-14 11:08:10 EST, you write:

      Broadcasting is controlled by the FCC.

This is really not Audi related but I feel like venting.

The FCC is filled with Bozos (Sorry Bozo).  For the past several years at
about a quarter to three in the afternoon my telephone "broadcasts" from a
CBer driving by  with a totally overpowered set.  One day several months ago
at a quarter to three the obnoxious broadcast began.  It faded in, got rather
loud but stayed that way.  It seems that the train a half a mile up the road
had stopped all traffic.  I looked out my window and there across the street
was a middle aged slob in a conversion van with a 10 foot antenna.  Our buddy
was gabbing on his CB.  Naturally when traffic moved his broadcast faded out.
 As the good citizen I am I took his license plate number and proceeded to
call the FCC.  I complained but they said sorry we don't care, we'll send you
a pamplet on how to shield your telephone system from electrical noise.
 Furthermore they said they have only 4 investigators for the entire midwest
region - their territory apparently covers several states and includes the
city of Chicago and surrounding suburbs!  If this is the best they can do - I
think we've found the most gutless federal agency yet.  

Still listening to some slob talk to his buddies
at a quarter to three