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Re: [Fwd: Re: 86 4kcsq coolant idiot light]

> knowing that JUST adding more coolant would solve the flashing light
> bars, it seemed to me, a person with next to no experience in car
> repairs, especially high-tech elec. dashboard problems, that I had to
> have a professional technician look at my NEW purchase. Remember, I was
> fresh out of the dealer.

Sorry, I don't mean to be too hard on you.  It's just that too often
you hear about people taking their cars to be serviced and they have
good brake pads replaced, or the oil filler cap is left off, or the
tire pressures are left at the 50+psi used during mounting.  Yes, it's
incompentent service, but a lot of it could be avoided by a bit of
cross-checking by the owner.

I'm surprised they didn't change the sensor first; if it were to be an
electrical problem that would be much more likely than the display.

This wasn't an Audi dealer, was it?  If so I would write to AoA...