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re: "quattro" - font...? NOT !!!!

Ok here is the REAL answer...

>>>I remember this topic surfacing sometime last summer.
>>> Did anyone ever find a copy of the "quattro" font?
>>It's called "VAG Rounded" and I have both Bistream and TrueType versions.

>Need it!  I plan on replacing my Alcantara inserts in the sports seats with
>something an upholsterer can find, and I want to take the material down and
>have "quattro" embroidered into it!

VAG Rounded stands for 'Volkswagen AG Rounded'. This is the typeface the
VW factory had designed for advertising use, some packaging and other uses.
It is available from many different type founderies (Adobe, Bitstream...) and
is available in postscript and truetype as well. It looks NOTHING like the
"quattro" typeface.  It is actually a version of the original Swiss typeface,
"Helvetica" but with rounded corners.

The "quattro" typeface, is not a font, but a specifically designed "logotype".
The design dept. at Audi AG created this waaay back in 1980 for the ur-q. It is
also VERY much copyrighted by Audi AG. The design dept. gurus also drafted the
word "Sport" in the same logotype face and used it for the Sport quattro,
of course.

Good luck getting it into your fabric. The embroiderer will have to scan &
digitize the
"quattro" logotype for this idea to work.

Thompson Smith

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