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Re: Graduated drive licenses

No good. Technology is way too easy to to trick!


On 15 Feb 1997, colin cohen wrote:

> Peter Henriksen's suggestions for a graduated license procedure rang a lot of
> bells with me. The technology exists fot he qualification and managment of a
> process such as that which he suggests. When you are awarded your license at
> what ever level, you would have a Smart card encrypted with your approval code.
> When you entered the vehicle, you would put the card into a slot which is wired
> to the on board modem. This modem would trigger antenna buried in the road just
> like those that activate traffic signals or parking barriers. The trigger would
> cause actions to be taken which would result in fines, police notification,
> free passage, barriers etc. The modem is a proven technology already in use in
> many parts of the world for buss and rail transport and in its simplest form is
> used to pay turnpoike tolls. Thus I could charge (as the the theoretical all
> powerful king of ideal land) a whole bunch of money to the Bentley T owner who
> travels over 100 mph, and a similar amount to the Ford Escort owner with 5
> drunk driving citations who travels in excess of 55. Plus all my pals with
> Quattros and list membership would get to drive free! Just another way to
> dispense politcal favor and graft.
> Over to you lot!