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spark plug wires

In message <33062993.7E59@abraxis.com> Elliott Potter writes:

> 2: What about the plugs themselves?  Should I replace them?  I've been
> having the car dealer serviced (free) so I don't know what they've been
> doing with them.  If so, is there a tool for them?  I in fact have a
> tool for removing spark plugs that worked on earlier cars, but there's
> something in the way of all of them in this car, and it just doesn't
> fit.

You should certainly _look_ at them.  I'm confused by these comments about
special plug tools - I use a standard Britool plug socket and it's fitted every 
car I've ever owned. 

> 3: (did I say two questions?  nahhh...) What's the easiest way to get at
> the air filter in this car?  I eventually got to it with much huffing
> and puffing and cursing without removing that huge hose; will I have to
> do that?  The screw to loosen the clamp on the hose is inexplicably
> pointing the wrong way so I can't get at it...

There's an Audi service tool - a 180 degree screwdriver ...
Most people mucking around down there take the front right headlight out.  Then 
it's easier to do a whole lot of things, including swap the air filter with the 
hose attached.  The clamp was probably tightened from down there, anyway.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club