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Re: Why Qwagons rule.

On Sat, 15 Feb 1997, Doug Miller wrote:

> Lately I've had to justify why, in a year I could buy almost any car I
> wanted, I chose a beautiful jet black A6 Q Wagon.  Many of my motoring
> buddies felt I'd lost my zest for four wheel drifts and backroad cruising
> for its own sake.  Finishing a 3500 mile roundtrip from N. Idaho to LA and
> back via Reno last night, I appreciated anew the qualities of my 6 week old
> steed.

Can't fault your rationale (and get a kick out of your general tone).


> Now, I don't intend to demean the sedan species, but it's pretty clear to
> me that a wagon gives up nothing in vehicle dynamics, 

BUT...  It would depend on your definition of 'vehicle dynamics'.  For my
part, my receding hairline and slight paunch go far enough in identifying
me as 'married: with children'.  God forbid I should heighten the effect
with a station wagon ;-)

> (sound of scuttling for cover and donning the Nomex suit)

Yep.  Seriously tho, it sounds like a real beauty, and I'm sure you'll
enjoy it.

> Yours in discerning the truths of motoring bliss,
> Doug Miller

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