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Re: CQ vs. S4

At 06:42 PM 2/15/97 -0800, you wrote:
>Hi All!
>Anybody out there get a chance to drive a '90 or '91 CQ as well as an
>S4?  I'm interested to know if anyone out there really noticed any
>differences in handling, acceleration, and the comparison/differences in
>overall feel of the cars. 

For power, I can compare the CQ (Relayer's) to a 91 200Q and my 87 tq. The
CQ is a great car but feels dead in comparison with respect to acceleration.
The 91 200Q especially, but even my feeble 87 have lots of low end grunt
compared to the CQ. Now if you rev the crap outa it, it will come alive -
but for my type of driving style, the turbo is the ticket... Especially that
80-110 mph rush...  I'm just no longer comfortable revving an engine to 5-6
grand routinely. Guess my next car needs to be a V8Q (for the WIFE, of

(Nomex on...)

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