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(no subject-really)

In message <33063F6D.3B42@tiac.net> Allan Jones writes:

>      It was a hypothetical ? involving reaction  TIMES!!!!!!!!! Alright
> already, so I offended some people(I'm sorry), take it for what it is.
> Jeez, you guys missed the pt. to that theory, question, whatever.. . . .
> .let it go. I know NOBODY should D&D and I don't think I nor anyone else
> can HANDLE it!

But I feel there was a partial trivialisation.
It's not just reaction times that are affected.  There are twelve different and 
separate effects on vision alone - tunnelisation, loss of colour 
differentiation, reduction in focus tracking speed, etc.  The brain's abaility 
to solve complex differential equations in real time (that most of us don't 
know we even do, like getting the line round a curve right) is severely 

The Germans had a project in the early 1980s called "Mainz 77".  This was a ten-
week evening course in the pyschology of drinking and driving - given behind a 
strict non-disclosure agreement so that those involved in all ways could reveal 
things that could not otherwise be made public - evidence not given in court, 
medical reports, that kind of thing.  Unfortunately, there's only one way to 
qualify for the course.
In Germany, by the way, you can be found guilty of being drunk in charge of a 
motor vehicle if you're still in the bar.  The law says you're in charge of 
the vehicle if you have the keys and the papers on your person - even if you're 
nowhere near the actual vehicle.

Before taking that second beer - hand the keys to the barman.  An no - he won't 
give them back.  He _will_ give them to your taxi driver.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club