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30V 2.8 A4 review from JET's BB

This review of the 30V 2.8 is from JET's A4 bulletin board.   Very
interesting..........  :-)

Erik Bruce

<<Posted by Jon Chocco on February 14, 1997 at 22:27:03:

<<Cool Web site you all have here! But yes, I drove the 2.8 5v last
week. I happen to be an automotive
journalist, and was in Chicago last week for the Auto Show media days.
I'd been talking with my
friends at Audi about the new '98 because I want one. One of my friends
at Audi came up too me
and said he had a surprise for me. There it was across the street, in
underground parking. He gave
me the keys, and off we went. It is marvelous, could even be faster than
the 328! We played with it
for awhile, and afterwards I begged for the keys. So, I got to keep the
car overnight. Seemed really
fast, so by my stopwatch, I reached 60 in 6.9seconds! Also got it up to
136mph, before having to hit
the binders. This car can REALLY move! I think the engine is easily
producing more like
220-230Hp, but can only claim 193 for Germany's Insurance companies,
kind of like the 278 mark
in Japan. Low-end torque is also plentiful making point-and-cutoff city
driving a breeze. Among other
things, it has 4 side-impact airbags. Supposedly, the front are standard
and the rears are going to
be optional. Believe it or not, The GALA in this car REALLY WORKED! This
car had the 5-Speed
manual, but my friend said the Tiptronic version will be replacing the
regular automatic. Bet you'll
never guess where they got it!?! He said it was a Christmas present from
the Porsche Boxster.
Can't wait to try it. So after arriving back home, Tuesday I went into
the dealer, and just as my
friend had said, it had appeared on there ordering guide the 1st of
February. My '98 A4 2.85vQ
manual is due to arrive the 12th of May, with the official on-sale date
being the 1st of June says
Audi of NA. Well we'll wait and see.JonJRChocco@aol.com >>