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Re: Wheels: TSW Stealth vs MSW Type 55

At 04:57 PM 2/15/97 GMT, you wrote:
>Hello All -
>Well I've found out that the OZ Montecarlo Wheels I was lusting over
>don't fit an 87 5000CSQ  ;-(

As others have said on the list, wheel availability is all in how you ask
the question.  Some of the '80s Mercedes have the same 5x112mm bolt pattern
as the Audis.  Their bolt holes are smaller, and the hub hole is bigger, but
this can be overcome by any competent wheel or machine shop.  In fact, Tire
Rack said they could do this for me for a reasonable fee.  Good luck.  BTW,
make sure the wheel offset will work with the TQ.

>Now I'm looking at a choice of the TSW Stealth (which I prefer due to
>the lug nuts being covered for cleaning purposes) or the MSW Type 55
>(Which Eric Fletcher had nice things to say about regarding durability
>in  facing off with cavernous potholes.). Both are TUV approved. They
>are with $10 a wheel in price.
>Anybody have experience with either and would care to comment on the
>pros / cons of these choices?
>Thanks in Advance!
>	-mark
>Mark Aaldering

John Karasaki

Audi Quattro Fanatic