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Re: spark plug wires/BAD BlauD

At 04:28 PM 02/15/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Oh, yea, I forgot to ask the question that I came here to ask...
>When I get new wires, should I stay with OEM Audi wires?  Are there
>other brands to get?

I would stay with OEM if possible (but as I found out, that doesn't
necessarily mean a dealer). I don't think there are any other brands to get
(i.e. Accel or other specialty brand).

>Either way, any suggestions where I could get them?

I got mine at Pep Boys. They were about $150 for the set (which was about
$90 cheaper than a dealer!!). After I got them (within 2 days, as a special
order!! I was impressed!!), I noticed that they are OEM stuff!! They had the
same OEM connectors on the ends, with the Audi logo and BERU (whatever that
means) on them!! They identically matched the OEM stuff. The box they came
in said KoolWire, made by Borg-Warner. If I recall correctly, they have a
lifetime warranty (backed by BW or Pep Boys, I'm not sure).

If you have a Pep Boys near you, I recommend that you check them out. If you
don't, maybe we can work something out so that you could get a set...

>I generally hear good things about Blau but have heard only one critisism
of them, relating (oh well) to spark plugs.

That criticism probably came from me. My experience with Jim at Blau was
very much less than satisfactory. It involved these plug wires. Basically, I
got a six-week run-around from him, without satisfaction. (When he first
screwed up my order, by forgetting to tell me that they were on back-order,
he said that he would send me an extra set of the AudiSport decals. Did
he... when he sent me the K&N recharge kit and decals I ordered? NOPE!! I
guess he wasn't THAT sorry....)

Hmm.... Pep Boys got them for me in 2 days, yet Jim jerked me around for six
weeks (and they were the exact same ones; Jim had said KoolWire by
Borg-Warner also, although he was only giving a 2 year warranty or

Needless to say, I don't plan on doing any business with Blau in the future....

                             Jim Griffin
                        Maryland, USA
   "Perception is often stronger than reality!"
                               '92 100S