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Re: Driving With Cell Phones and Guitars

> Judgement is the key here, not some "one size fits all" law that says you
> can't talk on a cell phone while driving (which, no doubt, some idiot
> Congresscritter is concocting right now.)
> John Allred

	I second that, John!  Nice going!
Although, I must let everyone know from experience that it is risky to
use a cell phone while driving. I rear-ended a pick-up(not that hard,
but hard enough on my Coupe) while making a phone call on my MUCH TOO
SMALL Nokia 232. I DO NOT blame it on anything BUT ME paying_attention
to something_other than the road! That "something other" can be anything
in: your car, someone else's car, or on the street. It is not
neccessarily the phone, but the taking of the driver's attention from
the road! They could do a study on Pamela Anderson and get the same