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Re: 89 Turbo (driven?) Alternator

Heather & Jeff wrote:
> Igor,

> 1. The filter capacitor has no bearing on your problem. If it goes open,
> you stand a chance of increased noise on the radio & stuff.  If it goes
> short, well, it won't be that way for long because it will blow like a
> firecracker.

Yeah, I kinda thought so myself, but ran out of possible explanations.

> 4. I don't remember whether Bosch alternators of that vintage have a
> diode trio rotor power up scheme or not.  If they do, this is likely
> your problem.  (Diode trio is a small pack of three diodes across each
> of the three phases to provide power to the rotor; kind of an archaic
> way of turning the alternator on)

The Stator has 4 wires, coming out of it. One is sloghtly away from the
rest (common?).
The remaining 3 are soldered to 3 diods.
> 4. Are you sure that the Fox actually is charging with the Audi reg?

Yes. I install voltmeters and analogue oil pressure gauges in all my

Thanks for the reply, Jeff.

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ