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Re: Windshield Wiper motor/suggestions needed.

Heather & Jeff wrote:
> Started up the '88 80q and heard a horrible racket coming from the
> dash.  Kind of a growling, plus the sound of relays clicking.  Opened
> the hood, and discovered the wiper motor was making the noise.  I gave
> the wiper switch a nudge, the noise stopped as the wipers made a
> slowwwwwww move across the windshield.  Now the wipers have only one
> speed; slowwwwww. (plus I have to nudge the switch to get it to stop
> growling.)
> Obviously my wiper motor has bit the dust (or relay? or both?)
> Anyway,  has anyone tackled rebuilding their wiper motor?  Or does
> anyone have any low cost suggestions or sources?

Sounds like your wiper arms are loose on the shafts' splines. 
Tighten those 13mm nuts first, Jeff (Bob D'A - not this time, pleez!).

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ