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Re: Have I warped a rotor?

This sure sounds like Warped Rotors...I had this happen with the first
two sets of rotors on my 87 5KCSTQ before I went IA stage 1!  And I
certainly didn't think I was doing anything particulary wrong...
Finally I called Group 6 performance (regular advertiser in European
Car) and bought cross-drilled rotors for the front (only) about 2+
years ago => No Warped Rotors! I'm running these with the dreaded
Slagmasters - and the braking is usually fine for me (I've only had
one interesting incident where I had to slow from 100+ and they didn't
stop as fast as my heart really needed them to...)

- mark

On Mon, 17 Feb 1997 04:49:32 +0000 (GMT), you wrote:

>What are the symptoms of a warped brake rotor?  Would they be pedal
>pulsations under moderate pressure?
>I am running OEM rotors with Metalmaster pads installed 1996-08-10 @
>108542 (currently at 117k and change).  It seems to me that rotors should
>last longer than 8500 miles.
>What causes rotors to warp?  Did I do something wrong in the brake
>job or am I just driving too hard?  If it's the latter, should I go to
>cross-drilled rotors and if so from who?  (It seems a bit silly to have
>drilled rotors in the front and drums in the back but if that's what
>it takes...)

Mark Aaldering