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Re: Audi Toolbox

In a message dated 97-02-17 06:13:20 EST, you write:

<< We seem to have parallel discussions about required sockets - 24mm for the

 steering wheel, 27mm up front.
 Has anyone ever prepared a list of the sizes you _do_ find on Audis?  The
 between 24mm and 27mm are exotica anyway, but I do have them.  Is it worth 
 carrying them in the toolbox or should I leave them on the workshop shelf?
 -- >>
After wrenching a couple of dozen audis over the years, the toolbox should
have the following Sockets/wrenches

*  36mm  - Shelf
*  30mm  - Shelf
*  27mm  - Shelf - Balancer
*  24mm -  Shelf - Steering
*  22mm -  Shelf - O2 - Oil lines
*  Dremel tool (exhaust work) - cutoff wheels

*  19mm X 2  (third most common)
*  17mm X 2  (second most common)
*  16mm (ball joint retaining nut only)
*  15mm
*  14mm  (rarely) - fuel
*  13mm X 3 (most common)
*  12mm  (rarely) - fuel
*  11mm  (brakes)
*  10mm X 2
*   8mm
*   7mm  (brake bleed)
*   6mm  (hose clamps)
*  10mm triple square (driveshafts)
*  3mm T handle hex (CO)
*  5, 5.5, 6, 8, 10mm hex socket set, and long hex wrench set
*  6mm hex wrench with cutoff  shortened arm (clutch master) 
1/2 drive torque wrench
3/8 drive beam torque wrench (inch pounds)
1/2 breaker bar
1/2 swivel head socket
3/8 swivel head socket (makes those turbo nuts actually easy to remove)
Wire brushes brass and steel drill type (cleaning threads)
Assorted screwdrivers
Vice Grips
Channel Loks
Small hammer (big breaks things)
Needle nose pliers
Side cutters
Assortment of zip-ties

Just did a front driver trans marathon swap (15hours) last SAT, this list is
pretty complete...  The 17mm never gets back to the tool box, neither does
the 13mm....